Thursday, February 17, 2011


A visitor arrives today. Hobart is only 1 hr and 15 min from Melbourne (and about 3.5 hours from home by the time you drive to the airport, check in, get on the plane and travel.)  Cheap travel? $89 plus a Flight Centre booking fee of $16.50, since Jet Star doesn't accept Amex. (Jet Star has a booking fee too but the actual amount remains a mystery till you're deep into the booking screens!) There's a $49 return fare on Saturday evening but a return date hasn't been decided yet. That's two Hamiltons on one-way tickets to Tas! Ben suggested that mum rent one of these,
Ben stayed here last night, not far from the airport. Expensive though, $30 for powered camp site for up to two people. Travelling solo costs more.

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