Friday, June 29, 2012

The final post.

Ben's in Tassie - The final post.

This story began with Ben riding onto the boat and sailing to Tassie. Lots of people have holiday adventures like that but our traveller, after years of medical concerns, had health on his mind. Now, nearly 18 months later, he's back on the mainland and health is still a major concern. The good news is that the worst of the recent health crisis appears to be over and the slow process of recovery has begun. It's time for the Ben's in Tassie "travel blog" to come to a close. Ben may one day write his own story. He does write, or at least he did last year. We'll finish with a favourite photo taken at The Sideling when the trip began and another taken recently from a warm sunny Weldborough looking eastwards towards Little Plains.

The beginning.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Get better soon, Ben. This reader is looking forward to hearing about your happy adventures in the future.