Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Optus Mobile coverage in St Helen's.

I think Ben's in St Helen's but haven't been able to contact him. Can't say why I think he's in St Helen's but, if he is, this map explains why he can't be contacted.

He did mention the Bay of Fires recently.

Hopefully he'll stumble across the Garden of Eden Internet Cafe in St Helen's and send a message. I wonder what people wear in that cafe?

Edit (2hours later):

Phone call from a pay phone. Yes, he's in St Helen's. Rode from Exeter to St Helen's in a day, via Bridport. Food is expensive and the plan is to move from the camping ground (no running water) to the backpackers (hot showers!). Bought a fishing rod and learning to fish. Later will head south and ... <beep, beep, beep>.

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