Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sea Shepherd, Williamstown.

Today we ventured out of the kitchen and pushed a few boundaries by braving the busy freeway, grubby city air and a persistent sore ankle. The Sea Shepherd ships and crew pushed boundaries, circumvented limitations and crossed lines in their recent battles with Japanese whaling vessels on the icy Southern Ocean. The young American volunteer who guided our group around the Bob Barker told us of her sea sickness, fears, tears and elation on her first trip south. "I don't want to go again, but I will!" she said with quiet and sincere determination. Our small group sat comfortably and relaxed in the crew's lounge, watched a short video and listened to stories of various campaigns world wide. We'd all seen the video footage of colliding ships and could now see for ourselves the battered hulls and damaged superstructure. Ships aren't built for even moderately tall people so we had to watch for low ceilings, beams and hatchways. We also toured the newer Sam Simon, which was once a Japanese whaling vessel, and would like to go back soon to tour the Steve Irwin.

Bob Barker.In the lounge.On the bridge.Sam Simon.

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Great post! Put it up on Facebook, I want to share it :)
He's a trooper that kid - gets it from his Dad!