Monday, February 28, 2011

Shopping in Launceston.

It's 200km from St Helen's to Launceston which is a very long distance to travel for shopping. What's on the list? There's: a pair of motorbike boots to replace the new ones we purchased only six or seven weeks ago, which are now torn; some kind of mat that lets the sand/dirt drop though and a Telstra NextG™ mobile phone, hopefully on the same number as the Optus Next-To-Useless™ (in Tasmania) phone. Ben wants to keep the number because he has a long list of new contacts. Life in St Helens sounds fine. New people arrive at the camping ground each week. Two 'old blokes' from Exeter, both fond of a drink or three, happily referred to Ben as Evel Knievel as he rode his bike in and out of the camp grounds. A giant of a man driving a small car strolled over the other day and introduced himself, 'G'day name's Bear.' There's the possibility of some packing work in an oyster farm or some picking work in orchards. Ben says the packing job starts tomorrow. In the meantime, this shopping expedition requires an immediate (small) transfer of funds.

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