Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yoga in the kitchen.

Ben does yoga exercises every morning for an hour before breakfast. He attended a few classes at the Ringwood School of Yoga back in July and some at Mount View Yoga in August. Mostly, though, he's self taught and learned many of the positions from a book. In the evening we both do stretching and movement exercises for about forty minutes before dinner. In the final few minutes of the session, we do a "winding down" exercise lying on the floor and slowly relaxing from head to toe while paying attention to the breathing. It's very much like meditation but lying down and I have to admit to sometimes nodding off during this part of the routine.

Today we had two very welcome visitors to our kitchen; one's a very good friend who, many years ago when she was single, shared our house with us and the other was someone who we'd never met before. He was, however, happy to try out the yoga mat and demonstrated his skill at the flat-on-back quarter rotation, effortlessly moving himself from along to across the mat. He also displayed the part-way-over axial rotation which will, with a little more practice, develop into a full axial belly flop. It's nice to have visitors and we hope to see Yumi and son Shaun again soon.

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