Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The one that got away.

"Found the beer in the fish's belly."
Usually it's a fish that gets away but this time it's a new fishing rod, reel and all the fishing gear that were washed off the rocks and out to sea by an unexpectedly big wave. What do you do when a big wave comes along and washes all your stuff away? Start again I suppose.

Our visitor has returned with stories of fishing, camping, cooking, shopping, rain and sunshine. It sounds like St Helens and surrounds is a beautiful spot. One lesson learned is to book a car or van in advance. Cost for a camper van was high, $70 a day with a minimum of five days, however we're informed that it was reasonably comfortable inside, especially on rainy days. The trip continues with Ben heading south again in a day or so.

Afternoon postscript: The fish story may, like many fish stories, have been exaggerated in the telling. Ben rang from Scottsdale and said he only lost a fishing bag. He also mentioned that he'd ridden 100km from St Helens to Scottsdale just to do some shopping and use the mobile phone! Now has to ride all the way back. He also has a long-term plan, and that's to stay in St Helen's and go fishing every day. It sounds remarkably similar to his short-term plan.

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