Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clean Air.

After all the health-related problems and the latest diagnosis of asthma, Ben's out and about looking for clean air. He's hoping to find it in Tasmania.

I got some helpful advice from the Skyline Forum:
Launceston is a bowl that holds in all the smoke in winter... i have very mild asthma and it doesn't really get me... but someone said that a lot of ppl move from melbourne to qld because the warm temps and high humidity actually helps with asthma... anywhere on the east coast would be good tho. (pipster11)
Down here at Port Arthur it's pretty amazing. (ziodbergmerc)
I'm in Burnie, Summers nice and warm (low / mid 30's), but that only last for a few weeks a year, Winters cold, normally less than 8-9 degrees, snow about 15 minute drive away in winter, beach a few minutes drive the other directing. I been living here all my life, so I think it's a great place, Job prospects may be a little slim, (noddle)
I grew up in the north east (in the bush near derby) and had asthma pretty badly back then, but luckily grew out of it and haven't had an attack since I was about 12-13. Don't be fooled too much by nice little old country areas as a lot of the houses are older and people will be using wood heaters rather than electric in the winters, and in valleys this can sometimes just sit around. I'm pretty certain the west coast of Tassie is considered to have the cleanest air, as it comes straight in from the roaring fourties, but jobs will probably be harder to find... I would avoid launceston because as pipster11 said it holds the smog in it's little bowl, if you're planning on making frequent city trips Hobart is possibly a better choice. I lived down the huon valley region for a couple of years and we had no problems. (clandestine)
I don't think anywhere you could get a job, commute practically etc would be especially clean... Apparently Cape Grim on Woolnorth has the cleanest air in the world. (floody)
the northwest coast is pretty good. shearwater, hawley, portsorell. i know ppl that have moved there for the same reason. like floody said though, commuting is always going to be the main issue. (jangles)

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