Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleepless in St Helens.

Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Grenado
continue on foot after the demise of
their motorcycle.
(and Wheelers Hill). It was well after 1am when the final 46 minute phone call ended abruptly. Skype at one end, recently-connected NextG™ mobile at the other but communications ceased when those tiny phone batteries could no longer provide enough power. Lots of 'what if's' in the conversation. What if the driver doesn't have insurance? What if the bike can't be repaired? A few hours earlier, a brief stay in hospital confirmed that no bones were broken and the swollen ankle was just due to bruising. Perhaps the driver didn't notice the bike travelling behind (even though the headlight was on), or consider where it had gone when he veered to the right, or maybe he just forgot it was there when he turned sharply left. An ambulance attended, as did the Fire Brigade but fortunately our traveller wasn't seriously injured. With no transportion and camped 20 km out of town (at a site that doesn't have fresh water), the police drove Ben back to the camp last night. The driver has offered to bring supplies out if he needs them. There'll be a lull in blog posts for the next ten days. I'm heading over on tomorrow evening's boat. We'll hire a trailer, haul the bike back to Legana and see what the insurance company makes of all this.

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