Friday, March 25, 2011

A glass eye and a rottweiler.

Trouble with the bike. It started OK but only got a few metres before the engine cut out leaving our traveller stranded in the camp ground. After some time, an old guy with a glass eye and a rottweiler happened to walk by. He knew alot about bikes and demonstrated how to remove and check the plugs and even donated some tools. It turns out that the engine was flooded with fuel. The plan is to take the bike to Launceston for servicing, which is a good idea but it's such a long distance from St Helens. The bike (or transportation in general) is the weak link in the live-remotely plan. The other weak link is communication, the phone batteries need recharging and that has to be done in town. In this instance the bike wouldn't restart and the phone batteries were flat.

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