Monday, March 7, 2011

Fishing activities upscaled.

Phone call from Derby, the closest location with mobile reception since the new Telstra phone is still(!) not connected.

Ben's been on a fishing boat for several days. It was unpaid work because they'd hired a deck hand thirty minutes before Ben turned up on the dock. Deck hands earn 10% of the profits which could be a decent amount if the catch is good. It was a trial run, the work was hard and he was sea sick for much of the time. Even now, back on land for two days, he hasn't recovered his 'land legs' and, when he stands still, everything rocks back and forward, rolls up and down, rocks back and forward...

The AAA Self Storage has been cancelled and they owe him a $17 refund which he can collect in Hobart. He's found a storage place in St Helens and will use that (as well as hiding cooking utensils in the bush while on the boat!)

He's also been doing some archery, good exercise I'm told. Internet shopping with deliveries to the local post office is working well. Some books have arrived, as well as a ground mat from Camper's Delight in Deloraine. More items are on the way, including a butane stove/griller that runs for 10 hours on one can of gas.

He hopes to buy an expensive four season or mountaineering tent for the colder weather but, costing around $700, such a transaction would fail with 'insufficient funds' at the present time.

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