Monday, November 11, 2013


Sam and Dean
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Supernatural, with its suspenseful storylines and gruesome imagery, was once one of Ben’s favourite TV series but last year he was unable to watch for even a few minutes. Tonight we viewed an entire episode in one sitting. Dean is captured by a djinn, an evil spirit who makes Dean believe that he’s awoken in an alternate reality where life is easy and happy. However it’s just a trick of the mind that the djinn uses to preserve the hapless victim while his blood is slowly consumed. The spell is imperfect and Dean, warned by a ghostly figure, tears himself away from the lure of that perfect life. Dean's brother Sam rescues him and together they confront and destroy the evil spirit. Ben has seen the episode before but can’t remember how long ago. And what do you do after watching a gruesome, suspenseful story? It seems that painting Orks is a good way to relax when you’re wound up. And what’s an Ork? That’s a story for another time.

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