Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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Cockatoos are very common. We often see small flocks of white cockatoos wheeling around and hear their raucous screeching. My personal favourite is the yellow tailed black cockatoo. We sometimes see them from the kitchen window and there were large flocks near Weldborough in Tasmania. Their distinctive call sounds prehistoric and they’re beautifully graceful in flight. Cockatoo also happens to be the name of a little town in the Dandenong Ranges, not far from Emerald. Ben and I drove through there once, after taking a wrong turn on the way back from Healesville, and I can’t say I remember what the town looks like. We ended up somewhere deep and dark in the Bunyip State Forest with no mobile phone reception. But I digress... back to today's theme. Cockatoo, the town, is also where Ben’s mum is now staying with a friend who owns a number of Mercedes Benz. We haven’t seen mum’s black Merc for several weeks but she has been driving a sleek SLK roadster and a more sedate silver Merc sedan. Ben’s been to visit a few times and Tess visited once too. As for me, I still can’t say what the town of Cockatoo looks like.

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