Monday, July 15, 2013

Warm water pool.

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As well as visiting Potters Pool Hall on a regular basis, Ben's also a regular visitor to the warm water pool at the Monash Aquatic Centre in Waverley Road. Warm water is good for aches and pains and, looking back at the diary, we were regular visitors there about four years ago when the mysterious shoulder and joint pains first appeared. At that time, any water was considered therapeutic and Ben often went swimming at Chelsea beach where the water was anything but warm. I still remember sitting on the sand on a dark moonless night while, somewhere out beyond the sand bar, Ben and Damien swam laps parallel to the beach. Renewing some of these old routines initially feels a bit odd, especially when you thought that you'd moved on from a certain stage. Progress isn't a straight line. We float around a vortex avoiding the rapidly spinning centre and seeking calmer water. It is calmer now... and the pool is warmer than the bay.

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