Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Launceston General Hospital.

Ben's severely depressed and very unwell. It's been a very difficult few days. He's now in casualty at LGH and may be admitted for a few days. More news to follow...


Admitted for a few days so his condition can be assessed. He's in the best place he could be at the moment.

(Some friends and family have mentioned their intention to visit us during the year and we'd love to see you. Unfortunately I can't say where we'll be on any particular dates. North-east Tassie is a great place and please include us as an "optional extra" on your trip. However don't be too disappointed if, for some unexpected reason, we're not around.)


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Ben. Hang in there, sending you lots of love, support and a bug hug from the mainland.

Anonymous said...

let me know if you anything done from this end PH-)

Anonymous said...

Lots of love from yin and john