Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The grey cloud.

We sometimes talk about the grey cloud that follows Ben around; it waits till things are going well then descends, spoiling everything. It reappeared with a vengeance last week and smothered him in a fog so thick and soupy that he could barely move or communicate. The emergency department at Scottsdale Hospital turned us away but, thankfully, staff at the local medical centre appreciated the urgency and a doctor saw him very quickly. Referred to LGH, we charged over the Sideling while the doctor rang ahead to let them know we were on the way. Now, seven days later, Ben's still in hospital while doctors adjust medications and search for the appropriate labels to characterise his condition. Understandably, Ben doesn't really want to be there but they require him to stay longer. Yesterday, for the first time, he was permitted to leave the ward for a few hours and we drove down to Evandale which, while close to the city, is far away enough to feel like a country town. He was tired but enjoyed the fresh air.

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