Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time marches on.

Eisbären Berlin
(web image)
Time marches on and temperatures continue to rise; it's a cloudy 9°C in Berlin Buch today, that's over 25°C warmer than a few weeks ago. Ben's been to watch the Berlin ice-hockey team, the Berlin Polar Bears (Eisbären Berlin). He's also attended a taekwondo class and plans to go again. Some cut Tasmanian gemstones, topaz and black spinel, were posted over a month or so ago. They have made fine and interesting gifts for some of locals including Dr R, the ENT specialist, and the lady who cleans rooms in the guesthouse. Finally, Ben's booked another room in the guesthouse; on the second floor, one floor below his own room. It's for mum who arrives next Thursday.

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