Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Indian named Mario.

House sale gathers momentum: the board is up, ads have appeared in the local paper and on the internet, and a few people have been through the house. The agent, a Vietnamese man named Daniel, calls them clients. His photographer, an Indian man named Mario, used a wide-angle lens to photograph the house, yard and rooms. The photos looked funny when I first saw them because they made our modest-sized house look almost palatial, even the laundry! For a while I thought the lens was "dishonest" but now realise it has just stretched the truth a little.
Manicured gardens. Large luxurious lounge. Light-filled dining area. Palatial laundry.


hughkim said...

Hi Ben and John,

Oh wow these photos bring back a lot of great childhood memories. Shame there isn't a wide-angled photo of the basement we used to spend hours (or days) playing computer games in haha.

It's been a very long time since I've seen you guys but would just like quickly to wish you all a safe trip and hope you enjoy Tasmania!

- Hugh

P.S. How are Tess and Tuyet?

jrh001 said...

Thanks Hugh, hope you're well. We're all OK. If you ever visit Tas, please drop in to see us. No internet at our new place though!