Thursday, January 12, 2012


Blogger stats for this week.
A check of the stats shows the locations of blog readers in the last seven days; most are in Australia, followed by Germany, United States and Canada. Ben probably isn't a reader since he hardly ever uses a computer or the internet. Lately he's been feeling well and spends his time doing exercises, walking and riding the trains. He still travels south to Karow to buy fruit and has discovered a good supermarket a few stations north in Zepernick. He likes that supermarket because it's not overly heated like most other places. The sun made a rare appearance the other day and Ben found himself standing on the station, facing the sun with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes, there were two other people doing the exact same thing.

There's still no progress on the visa extension as he hasn't been to the immigration office yet. The timeline has compressed slightly due to the delay, leaving just one day (today!) to go to the office, apply and get approval. Without the extension, his return date will be early to mid February and even that requires a change to his return ticket, because of the upcoming ENT op. He likes to calmly "wing it" while I'm more of a nervous bird.

Evening update: Winging it got him as far as Wedding Station and then the nervous bird received an SMS asking for directions. Thanks to the internet, a computer, Google Maps and Skype, directions have been SMS'ed:
From Wedding S-Bahn station go SE along Mullerstrasse. Turn RIGHT into Fennstrasse and cross the bridge. RIGHT into Heidestrasse. LEFT into Friedrich-Krause-Ufer. Hope that works, I'll stay near the phone for a while.

Late late update (3.30am our time): Has to return to the office on Monday. Application should be "a okay". Timeline is further compressed: immigration office opens at 7am, three train trips and a hospital admission 80km away by 11am. Op is Tuesday, not Monday. Error was made by an editor.

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