Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One year ago - Exeter.

One year ago today Ben was camped in Exeter Tasmania waiting for motorcycle repairs. Today, he's living in a guesthouse in Berlin-Buch Germany waiting for his nose to heal. Outside it's a chilly -3°C and everything is covered in ice. He's been seeing an ENT specialist at the outpatient clinic and recovery is going well. A few days ago the doctor, Dr Rathert, removed two silicon sleeves from inside Ben's nose. Each sleeve was surprisingly large (imagine the peel from a wedge of orange, that size), and both patient and doctor were amused at how something that large managed to fit in there in the first place. Visits continue for another week at least.

After much searching, health insurance has been purchased online; thanks to the help of an english-speaking insurance broker in Kronberg. All that remains is to get some kind of residence certificate and those two documents together should satisfy official requirements for a visa extension. The return ticket had to be re-booked last week and Ben is now scheduled to return home at the end of March.

Back in Melbourne, some of Ben's mail arrived yesterday, redirected from Weldborough. It included invoices totalling €383,31 from the hospital in Freiburg, which were posted back in December and have to be paid immediately. Payment has been sent by IFT (International Funds Transfer).

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