Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve forecast.

Christmas day is looking especially bleak; 1°C to 5°C with strong winds and rain. Not a good day to be venturing out very far. By way of comparison, the forecast for NE Tas is 13°C to 21°C with slight winds and showers, probably not a good day for venturing out either. At least Ben's Berlin accommodation is substantially better than his usual Tasmanian accommodation. I'm told that most people in Germany celebrate Christmas on the 24th and absolutely everything is closed; what happens on Christmas day remains a mystery.

In other news of the day, a second-hand trailer has been purchased for the next (major) trip to Tasmania. According to the registration certificate, it's a hand-built trailer produced in 1980. It's big enough to carry a motorbike plus some luggage. The trailer is wide and it may even be possible to pitch a tent on the trailer's wooden floor. The faded tarp is a bonus because items can be stored on the trailer until more permanent accommodation is organised.

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