Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attempted delivery.

Posted over some CT scans last Thursday and they've arrived already, although it looks like the delivery was unsuccessful. I was hoping that anyone at Pension Geissler could sign for the parcel but perhaps the designated addressee has to sign. Pain relief medications are working well and Ben has called in to see the specialist a few more times. There's one more thing to attend to before returning and that's fixing his troublesome nose once and for all.

evening update: The reason for the attempted delivery is that Ben's no longer residing at Pension Geissler. He's moved to cheaper accommodation in a guest house in Campus Berlin-Buch where he has a very large, bright room on the second floor. He's positive that this, his 21st year, is going to be a very good year.

late update:
Article Number EE750901528AU
Date/Time         21.12.11 13:53:00
Current Status  Delivered

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