Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Plains lookout and a full moon.

(web image)
An earlier session.
The view during the day.
Phone call at 7pm from Little Plains lookout. Ben rode up there to see the view of the Pyengana valley on a clear night and under a full moon. In response to my concerns about riding at night, I was told that he uses a lower gear so the bike makes plenty of noise to warn animals off the road.

There was a music session at the Weldborough Hall yesterday and plenty of visitors in the hotel last night. One of them offered Ben an electrical apprenticeship in Launceston, after testing him with some trigonometry questions written on a scrap of paper. Not sure if the recently-appointed hotel grounds keeper is interested in a four-year course at this stage. It seems that a few hours of gardening each day is an enjoyable part-time occupation.

He also said something about a 'cute little cottage' in Weldborough but I don't know what that's about yet.

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