Thursday, April 7, 2011

The lady with an Irish accent.

"BH phone home" equipment
I phoned today, expecting Telstra to automatically tell me that the person I was calling was unavailable. Instead, a pleasant lady with a lovely Irish accent answered. Somewhat confused, I asked to talk to Ben but he wasn't there. He'd left his phone recharging at the Online Access Centre in St Helens. The lady at the desk was hoping he'd return before the centre closed. The Access Centre is community run and provides internet access, printers, landline phone, fax and even office space; all available for a few dollars per half-hour, or free if you're local. Soon the mobile phone could be recharged at the campsite using a home-built solar kit including a 4W solar panel with built-in regulator, a 150W inverter and an adaptor for connection to a battery. The plan is to use the battery out of the damaged Honda, although the inverter could be clipped onto the Ducati battery. Other possibilities open up: recharging batteries, listening to an ipod, and electric toothbrushing. Let's see if it works first.

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