Friday, December 27, 2013

Keeping busy.

One of the Ork Boyz.
Orks are ugly, strong, fierce and ugly.
There’s not much spare time in a day. There are large and small Warhammer models to be painted with more due to arrive in the post. This is one of the Orks and each model has an amazing amount of detail. Ben’s become very proficient at painting chequerboard patterns. The PS3 is getting a workout into the early hours as the mysterious world of Skyrim gradually unfolds. Before Christmas, we rang around to find a store that had the strategy guide in stock, then drove down a busy freeway to Narre Warren to pick it up. There are daily exercises to be done and short walks along the bike path. Visits to the Country Club are becoming rare and we no longer play pool or snooker every day. There’s only time for two fairly-meagre meals each day. Another Christmas day has come and gone; we had a pleasant afternoon lunch at the nieces' house.

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