Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heating and sleeping.

It's been difficult to keep the kitchen warm with a portable electric panel heater. Fortunately, a recently purchased and installed 'split system' heating/cooling air conditioner has made a huge difference and our kitchen is now pleasantly warm. That's where 'the carer' sleeps, downstairs was much too cold and the thought of him sleeping in a carpeted bedroom with access to that ever-distracting computer caused way too much anxiety. So, every night for the past few months we drag a mattress into the kitchen and that's where I sleep. Our patient patient sleeps comfortably on a mattress on the wooden floor of his old bedroom. That room is kept warm using an electric column heater (or two); door closed to keep in the heat and window slightly ajar for fresh air. The gas central heater remains idle, for fear of the dust it may blow around and the smell that it might generate. Our winter gas bill is down and the electricity bill is sky high.

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