Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August update.

Our patient has improved over the past few months. The crisis phase is over and we're into a recovery phase of unknown duration. Weekly medical consultations and daily medications have restored equilibrium, effectively flattening the highs and lows, but more time and effort is needed to regain full health and independence. Ben has spent much of the past few months in our kitchen and occupied himself with yoga, breathing exercises, dance practice, eating well, tidying and cleaning. We visit the shops every few days; to buy groceries and eat in the food courts. He doesn't like to read and watching videos makes his neck uncomfortable. He does like to draw occasionally. Decisions, even basic ones like what to wear, are difficult to make. Social visits and outings with friends are rare. The most recent invitation was rescinded at the last minute leaving him all dressed up with nowhere to go. The substitute was evening yoga practice in the kitchen with dad. To break the routine, the two of us are heading to Trinity Beach in Queensland for a week.  Ben's looking forward to warm weather, swimming and maybe some fishing.

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