Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty Point.

Camped near Beauty Point on the Tamar River. To quote the SMS received at 11pm, "Just had my first Tasmanian shower. Will wash clothes tomorrow." Bike still not repaired, delays getting parts. Further up the road, at Beauty Point itself, Ben saw smokestacks and blackened landscape on the other side of the river, an aluminium plant no less. The postcard picture takers in Beauty Point have been fairly selective about where their cameras were pointed. It's not all beauty! Earlier in the day, while looking for better accommodation, I rang a lady in Gravelly Beach near Exeter. She had a one bedroom cottage for rent. It was priced a little over Ben's budget at $120 per night including breakfast. When I mentioned that the bike needed repairs, she kindly offered to drive into Exeter to pick him up.
Tamar River

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